Customer Reviews
Opinion of Matthew Raj about
AD Steel Men's Faux Leather Analog Quartz Wrist Watch (AD8070LRG)
Awesome Product! Value for money!

Opinion of Yunie Balqish about
AD Steel Stainless Steel Rectangular Couple Watch Set (AD497SL7A-0304)
Love the watch and thanks to the seller for providing such good service.

Opinion of Amirul about
Women Fashion Leather Watch Quartz Wristwatch 7 Colours (FWAE1639)
I want to give this watch to my future wife :) What do you think?

Opinion of Zafirah Aziz about
X-Gear Fiber Strap XG148 Dual Time (SERIES-13-18)
First of all, I would like to say that this the best watch I've had in this price range. It is very appealing and comes with all the features you would expect from a sports watch.

Opinion of Peter Ng about
X-GEAR Men Sports Watch Auto Light (XG37962T-13B-16B)
Nice watch. This is my first G-Shock watch.